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T. Thomas Metier

Can a Pro Se Litigant File a Medical Malpractice Claim as Executor of the Estate?

Assad’s complaint is a nullity and allowing him to represent the estate in this matter constituted plain error.

T. Thomas Metier

In a Negligence Case Against Multiple Tortfeasors, What Happens When Some Parties Settle?

The law says that after the claimant settles with a joint tortfeasor, the claims against others “shall be reduced by the amount of the released person’s share of the obligation as determined by the trier of fact.”

Darin Schanker

Medical Malpractice Crisis Myths(2)

The Center for American Progress has a series of short articles on medical malpractice, and it is worth giving a read. As the election shifts into overdrive, you can expect to hear a lot about this…